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“Pen and Paper Method of Scripting”


“More clarity and more energy”

It was a kind of surprise to me, but I started to tap on emotions concerning my habit of biting lips and it took me to many other issues

I started to tap EFT and write down my thoughts about my habit – biting lips. I have this habit since the childhood and was never quiet able to get rid of it. As I started to tap and write, it took me to many other thoughts and feelings. The urge to bite my lips stopped shortly after the tapping and writing. As I finished, I had a better clarity and energy, I felt good.

Svetlana // country withheld upon request

“Your guide is a master piece in thinking”

thanks joe for a wonderful gift.

I have been performing EFT for a couple of years, I have purchased many programs to tap to and followed many guides on scripting but could never really make the connection between scripting and my own problems. I have tapped many times on my own issues and I whilst I have cleared some I would still always get stuck in the script creation phase and could never really clear all my emotions as successfully as I would like, I could not figure out why scripting seemed easy for others and why I had such a hard time with it.

But you have changed all that. Your short guide is a master piece in thinking, I am surprised I never looked at it this way myself. It is such a powerful way to look within yourself, its almost like you are giving yourself a short therapy session at the same time. All the stress of scripting and all the previous blocks I had in this area have been removed.

I have been using this method for about 3 weeks now and I am sleeping much better and my friends have noticed the change in me and have all asked why I seem so much happier, its because I have cleared some stuff that use to bother me every day.

Yes there is some work to do, as I still have to tap and I still have to devote the time to do it, but the difference is now I know its going to work, and I am going to be able to get release.

I have already told numerous friends who have also been using EFT to grab your guide, one even rang me last night to say she had just cleared a negative emotion about something a teacher had said to her 20 years ago, like me she is so overwhelmed by the gift you have given us

thank you.

Helen Marks // Canada

“EFT that doesn’t feel like scripting”

thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. I am so happy I purchased this as I was having so much trouble on my own.. EFT works but for months now it has seemed so hard for me to do on my own.. I spent the last 2 days on stuff that has bothered me for years, I don’t even know why it use to bother me any more. thank you for showing me a way to use EFT that doesn’t feel like scripting…

Mark Anderson // Brisbane Australia

“Finally a way to do EFT that’s even easier then EFT”

wow.. I didn’t think EFT could become even easier then it is. I wont have to worry about scripting or what to say, or if I am doing it right, or any of the other thoughts ever again. Its so brilliant, I didn’t believe it at first, I read the guide and I thought “could it be that easy” but I tried it and it works.. I have used this approach on my topics and each time I uncovered more things, but the best part is that I was also able to release all of these with EFT, finally a way to do EFT that’s even easier then EFT.

JCassandra // California

“Finally I can do it myself ”

For a long time now I have been attempting to script on my own and I have never really had much success.. The process has always been so hard for me to do..

Until I brought your small guide. I was expecting a big 100 page program guide that showed me all aspects, so when I saw a small guide I was not expecting it to work. But It does, you have shown me a way to develop scripts about my own issues that is so simple as so easy to do.. I use to spend hours trying to create scripts, and that was my problem.. I don’t do that any more, finally I can do it myself…

Andrew C // Brisbane Australia

“So Easy and so Simple ”

I wanted to give you a short thank you.

This has to be one of the best purchases I have made in about 2 years, and the cheapest… You have shown me a way to use EFT that is So EASY and SIMPLE to do..

I cant thank you enough – I wonder why no-one else teaches it like this?

T.. Wai // New Zealand

“thank you for the pen and paper method ”

I usually don’t provide any testimonial feedback but I just had to say thanks for such a wonderful down to earth approach to EFT ***Thank you for the pen and paper method***

I have a friend who is an EFT Practitioner and she looked at this guide and has now been using this method to help her clients tap on their own, she swears it is the simplest way to get anyone started, and it works..

Leigh S / country not supplied

“It doesn’t even feel like scripting”

Oh my god… I was a little bit dubious that this was going to be everything you made it out to be, I thought yeah right.. But I had to buy it just to see, and I am so glad I did. You have shown me a way to approach scripting that doesn’t even feel like scripting. I have released issues that I have tried to tap on for months, you have shown me a way to approach it that takes all the worry and stress out of tapping.

I would not have brought it if you sold it for 50 or 100 dollars as I would have thought it was a scam, but its clearly worth every bit of that, I am so grateful to you for divulging your secrets.

thank you so very much

Angela Peters // NSW Australia

“I have uncovered layers of stuff I didn’t know existed”

I’ve used this scripting method for just a couple of days, but it has helped me uncover layers of stuff that I did not even know existed in my thinking.. the questions that one asks- and the answers that come up really helped me get things in perspective. I’m making progress with some issues that had remained stuck for a long time.

This guide helps you articulate your thoughts. often people get stuck when they just feel they don’t know what to say. This guide helps them get unstuck.

Vibhavari // United States




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