Emotional Freedom Technique

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Conventional Psycohology Not Working

Thousands Suffering Years After Therapy

I don’t want to target Psychology out as being a total failure, for I know that it has helped many individuals over the years.  However I will go as far as saying that the benefits gained from sitting down for a therapy session with a psychologists could have been achieved by talking to anyone.

The act of sitting down with a stranger talking about your problems does have some therapeutic aspects to it.  The reason this can sometimes help is because we bottle in a lot of stuff and when we talk it over we tend to put ourselves into a position where we can then let it go.  It is this aspect of psychology that works, and from my perspective it’s most likely the only aspect that works

I admit that I am a little harsh on this form of therapy, but my personal opinions whilst harsh have come from years of helping many individuals overcome past hurts.

Suffering Decades After

What is not in dispute is that there are many thousands of individuals who continue to suffer even have receiving decades of therapy. They seem no closer to getting any relief from their personal negative emotions, but they to continue to go to therapy in a hope relief might suddenly appear.

I have dealt with many individuals who after years and even decades of therapy are no closer to relief, but after only a few sessions of EFT end up with total or almost total relief from their past hurt..  But I am not the only person who has seen this; there are many hundreds of EFT Practitioners around the globe who have experienced this.

So it’s this that has lead me to know realize that Freud Psychology is fast becoming an outdated science.  Whilst there are some areas where Psychology may always be beneficial it seems to no longer have a place for helping those suffering from negative emotions caused from past hurts.

Emotional Freedom Technique is fast becoming the new standard..